Training Solutions in Healthcare

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Industry-leading in-house and digital training solutions for the

pharmaceutical and healthcare industry

Practice self-improvement strategies through the use of multidisciplinary interactive workshops that provide healthcare professionals with essential skills and techniques to communicate effectively with their patient, be resilient and avoid burnout symptoms at work. Soft skills, like verbal and non verbal communication, empathetic listening and questioning, are rarely taught and reinforced across the continuum of medical training.

As more evidence shows, these practices positively influence both patient and healthcare organisation outcomes. 

Through our Training Solutions in Healthcare, we at SELF BALANCE® support medical professionals as they take on the challenges of evaluating and treating patients. We specialise in the soft skill areas of:

  • Effective Communication Skills 

  • Improving Physician Resilience 

  • Breaking the Bad News protocols 

  • The Power of Clinical Empathy

  • More modules, like Effective Presentation Skills

  • Patient-centred communication approaches 

Just to name a few, in order to develop a culture that supports physician well-being and physician-patient trust and medical adherence. Please contact us to design and deliver customised training solution for your organisation.