Neurocoaching in Business

BRAIN-FITNESS TODAY® is our award neuroleadership winning program that translates the cutting-edge work of Neuroscience into fundamental brain-training at work. Understand how your brain can transform your business, your performance and leadership skills.

“If you understand how your brain works, you can became the master of your own life.”
— Elisabeth Calbari (MISCP)

Your Brain is the maestro of every single decision you make. Re-train your Brain with cutting edge brain-based technology and hone leadership skills. Be the master of your own brain and learn to navigate it through rough and calm seas! 

Using fun, interactive techniques either in group or individual settings, observe live how your brain and body react while you communicate with clients, negotiate, when you give and receive feedback at work, become agitated, excited etc. Our brain-based training program is CCE accredited by ICF with 12hrs.