"Working harder, thinking harder and trying harder does not solve your problems"

MindfulYou® in Leadership

Create a Mindful Business

Recharge your business’ batteries and restore its productivity.

This Mindfulness training program takes place in the Workplace. Mindfulness is a group of techniques that can help someone pay attention "on purpose". It involves a conscious direction of awareness. It is a tool for organisational change, either on individual, or team and organisational level. It is a method that empowers individuals, makes happier employees that are more engaged, better capable on making decisions and going the extra mile that little bit more cheerfully. 

  • Do You want to become a Conscious Leader with strong Leadership presence?
  • Do You want to enhance Intuition, increase brain-wave activity and focus?
  • Do you want to better concentrate and manage stress?

Top business leaders and companies like Apple, Intel, P&G, Google, Nike and others, create mindful corporate programs to help their employees calm their mind and increase focus. Such skills are crucial for those hoping to succeed on an increasingly frenetic environment, which is always accompanied by a range of burdens; from the distraction of an always-ringing phone to pressure for strong quarterly benefits.

Research has shown that corporate Mindfulness programs lead to major benefits, both for employer and employee.

MindfulYou® training program in the workplace results in:

  • Improved self-esteem
  • Improved energy and a greater sense of happiness
  • Enhanced ability to respond to situations, improved concentration and mental focus
  • Enhanced self-management skills
  • Improved work-related performance and resilience 

Here's a chart drawn from the National Institute of Health UK, University of Massachusetts & Harvard University, after employees took part in a Mindfulness program:


Effect of the MindfulYou® program

  • 83% of participants report that they offer more time to improve their performance levels in the workplace, while at the same time feeling satisfied by the nature of their job description. Compared to the 23% that the same pool of employees reported before the program, we can clearly see how big an impact the MindfulYou® can make.
  • 82% of participants reported improved time management skills, as well as better concentration levels, speed and memory capabilities.
  • Amongst the CEOs that participated in the program, 80% of them reported noticing a posivitve change in the way they approach their decision making in the workplace.
  • 89% of company leaders that participated, reported that they learned to be better listeners and that their train of thought has become more creative (Gelles, 2012).  

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All of the MindfulYou© in Leadership programs are done both on teams and in-house.

NeuroCoaching in Business

12 hrs accredited by ICF

12 hrs accredited by ICF

Brain Fitness Today© Silver award

Brain Fitness Today© Silver award

Brain Fitness Today ©

We and only we set the limits of our bodies and brain!

Training Programs

A leadership position in a company requires quite a lot of skills, but usually also comes with a great deal of responsibilities. Directing employees, keeping deadlines while setting effective goals, as well as making important decisions while at the same time you solve major problems on a daily basis, can take its toll on someone. You could even say that all of the above resemble the requirements an Olympic athlete.

Managers and athletes have a common goal!

That is none other than achieving maximum performance under high stress, in an environment that constantly lacks ample time.

In our field of work, company leaders and managers that are experiencing daily stress and fatigue, tend to neglect their health, while at the same time working over their limits, risking a burnout.

In fact, the are many similar aspects between a person in a managerial position and a professional athlete that trains daily to achieve a world-record. 

Our customers, whether they are Olympic winners, company leaders, managers or directors, choose  Brain Fitness Today©, with a basic goal in mind. Understanding the connection between their body and brain, and working towards syncing their skills, thus achieving:

  • Maximum performance in their workplace
  • Correct and effective decision making
  • Improving their working speed and expanding their memory skills
  • Strengthening of emotional intelligence and overall resilience against stress

What we've created is a friendly, practical and at the same time really enjoyable training program, that targets both body and mind. In it, brain muscles learn how to train and obtain special abilities.

The program includes the use of special software, and more specifically videogames and biometrical devices, which are used throughout the duration of the program to constantly monitor the special characteristics and habits of each participant.

The Brain Fitness Today© program is based on the fundamentals of Neuropsychology and Neuropsychology, and through the applications of Neurotechnology, participants are able to watch their body and brain functions in real-time.

Knowing how our body and brain function, anyone can pinpoint, alter and set how to react under specific circumstances in our life.

By training everyone's special abilities, each of the participants obtains countless benefits, that directly affect both his or hers psychological and physical health. The direct result is a way improved emotional health, accompanied of course by a drastically improved productivity in the workplace.

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More specifically, feedback from concluded research has shown that participants in Brain Fitness programs have exhibited big changes on the following traits:


Average Effect of Brain Fitness Today on a Business setting

  • Increased productivity levels and improvement of physical and mental health
  • Less cases of fatigue and burnout related absences
  • Lower percentage of dysfunctional attitude in the workplace, between employees
  • Improved resilience among employees and reduced symptoms of physical and mental issues related to stress
  • Major increase in speed, mental clarity and time management.
  • Activation of characteristics which help structure the emotional intelligence of each participant, based on his own personalized data.

Sync and fine-tune the messages your body and brain sends you.

Explore and discover those special abilities that help in achieving your goals!


Our Brain Fitness programs have been adopted by large corporations such as Shell, BP, Motorola and others, as well as by considerable educational institutions like Stanford University Graduate Business School, the London Business School, and the International Center of Leadership in Finance (ICLIF, Kuala Lumpur). In Greece, the programs have materialised and since then been established in many companies and educational institutions, The Moraitis School being one of them.

The Brain Fitness Today© programs are done both in group and personal format, and are always accompanied by special equipment that stays with each participant after the completion of the training.

Stress Profile© in Business

Psychological & Physiological screening tools for everyone

Specialized personality tests in the workplace



        "No stress balls required."

Stress Profile© is a tool that monitors and counts each person's behaviour characteristics and habits, when combating stress comes into play. Using psychometric tools, we examine each participant's personality to find out his or hers personal limits against stress.

Utilizing special software and through the use of sensors and external devices, we take measurements in order to monitor the changes someone's body experiences when under stress (i.e. muscle spasm, sweat, heartbeat, breathing), while at the same time monitoring brain waves and specific activity on both hemispheres. The train of thought is also monitored, as well as behavioural patterns.

The procedure takes around 20 minutes, and the participants are tought how to:

  • Auto-adjust stress levels, through simple methods

  • Make themselves feel calmer by utilizing classic relaxation techniques

  • Take notice and recognize increased signs of stress

It's a small-duration, fast and friendly procedure, where participants get to experience and see in live time the changes that happen in their bodies when they get stressed. It's essentially a fully structured profile for anyone who is interested in discovering specific personality traits that expand both in the workplace and in their daily life.

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Stress Profile has multiple uses. It can be an employee valuation tool, a program to combat stress, or even as a guide to health prevention in the workforce.



Self Balance is proudly the exclusive distributor for HeartMath products in Greece and Cyprus

The HeartMath solution is a researched and complete method based on Neurosciences. By equipping each of us with the ultra-useful tools and techniques, it becomes possible to receive useful information about our body, and understand the "intelligence" of our heart and brain. The main goal of these techniques is to give us the ability to operate on our maximum output levels.

Why are the heartbeat and the heart rate variability (HRV) considered important factors in measuring how balanced we are, on both a psychological and emotional level?

A series of research and case studies have proven that HeartMath programs show major benefits on organisations and companies, by bettering employees without the need for extensive training periods.

Participants are trained on specific techniques and applications that target:

  • Increase of productivity and yearly revenue

  • Decreased levels of work absentees due to burnout and fatigue

  • Increased self-esteem

  • Improved special skills (such as cognitive)

  • Better balance between the personal and professional lives of employees

  • Better anger management and combating of stress symptoms

HeartMath LLC is a major company with extended practice and experience in professional programs, such as human performance training, coaching & mentoring.

Self Balance is glad to be considered a partner in that task, and has created the HeartMath in Greece branch, where all of the trainers are certified and with years of experience in the field.


The power of the body, the ability to control it and your heartbeat, is the basic philosophy of HeartMath. Self Balance promotes this exact philosophy to many organisations, educational institutions, and government agencies.

Get to know the programs HeartMath in Greece offers and discover a magical frequency within yourself that coordinates your heartbeat with your production levels!

Get to know our experiential Leadership Learning Events of our company.